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Personal Poet, Czeslaw Milosz by Judyta Papp

July 20, 2016
On the 105th anniversary of the birth of Polish Nobel laureate, the City Cracow Council invites for an inspiring meeting with the poet, Czeslaw Milosz flanked by large scale photographs at Powstania Warszawskiego 10 alley, in Cracow.
This unique exhibition will be open from July 20 to December 21, in the public interiors, where Cracovians receive their ID cards. Admission is free.
The presented photographs are the fruit of many years of cooperation between the poet and the acclaimed photographer, Judyta Papp, the author of 'This is Milosz' photo book, published by Proszyński i S-ka publisher in 2003.
Her warm-mooted photographs, endearing with privacy, were made in 1997 - 2003 in Cracow, where Czeslaw Milosz spent the last years of his life. The photographs showcase an easily recognizable, distinctive style of Judyta Papp.
The exhibition of artistic photography, dedicated to the famed poet is an excellent promotion the city of Cracow, a metropolis of science and culture in the Central Europe. At the same time, this anniversary exhibition is a tribute to great Polish artists and an inspiration for the continued.

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